Tuvan State University has a strong research tradition in many fields and is an honored member of numerous scientific and research projects of both international and domestic level.

The university holds scientific conferences, practical seminars, workshops on items of current importance. The professor staff provides support to foreign colleagues, inviting them into special research projects, international conferences and seminars.

Tuvan State University also participates in numerous projects oriented towards innovative education in different fields, such as modern teaching methods, investigations on contemporary mentalities, economical globalization, as well as carries out scientific research in accordance with the "Strategy of scientific and technical development of the Russian Federation until 2035" in such areas as: Security and Counter Terrorism; Nanosystem Industry; Information and telecommunication systems; Life sciences; Promising types of weapons, military and special equipment; Rational nature management; Robotic systems (systems) of military, special and dual purpose; Transport and space systems; Energy Efficiency, Energy Saving, Nuclear Energy.