List of documents


  1. Application for admission (in the same form for all applicants);

  2. Statement-consent to the processing of personal data;

  3. Acceptance application for enrollment (submitted within the specified period frame, which is specified in the Appendix terms of ADMISSION)

  4. The original of the state-issued education document or a photocopy of it;

  5. 2 photos 3*4;

  6. Passport (other identity document), or a photocopy of it, must be presented personally.

  7. Medical certificate form no. 086



  1. A copy of the marriage certificate (for those who changed their family name);

  2. Documents granting the right for benefits established by the legislation of the Russian Federation (for people applying for these benefits when applying for admission);

  3. Duly certified translation of the document about education in the Russian language (for foreign citizens and citizens of the countries – republics of the former USSR). At the same time, in cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, the University Admission Committee may additionally request confirmation of nostrification (recognition and establishment of equivalence) of education documents of foreign countries;

  4. Other documents (diplomas, certificates, certificates, etc.) that meet the interests of applicants.

When submitting an application to the University, the categories of citizens who have special rights and benefits for admission to state and municipal higher education institutions, provide, at their discretion, the original or a photocopy of the relevant documents confirming special rights for admission.

In accordance with the procedure of school Olympiads approved and signed by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, the winners and prize-winners of school Olympiads provide, at their discretion, originals or photocopies of the relevant documents confirming special rights for admission.